What is human Augmentation?

Human Augmentation is a process for enhancing the capabilities of human beings by the help of biotechnology, mechanical, electronics, it has shown tremendous advancement in the recent years in health, defense and military services, and also in manufacturing sector. Majority of these sectors are predominantly investing in what could be the next big thing in the future.

How reliable is Human Augmentation technology

Human Augmentation is a form of technology that come in wearable devices or specifically build body suits called ‘Exoskeleton’, there are other forms of Human Augmentation that has technologically leaped forward, things like new age prosthetics, walking assistance devices for older and disabled people, Nano chips that are implanted in human body, robots programmed to control the human brain etc. Most of the prominent brands across the globe like Panasonic, and Fujitsu is investing in research and development of Human Augmentation technology.

These eminent companies are relentlessly trying new innovative technologies in biotechnology, robotics, and medical devices. More number of major production units have already started using robotics. The human Augmentation market is going to increase by many folds in coming years. Some of the major drivers that are fueling the advancement are human body modification, use of exoskeletons in military applications, ever growing increase and demand for improved wearable augmented devices.

Segments of Human Augmentation products

Human Augmentation technology products are segmented into types they are products and end users, it is further sub-segmented into wearable augmentation and in-built augmentation. While the end-user products are divided into sectors like healthcare, IT, Military, manufacturing, and others.

Prospect and feasibility aspect of Human Augmentation technology

Human Augmentation is next big thing in the world of technology, this particular technology is also referred as Human 2.0. As this technology has vast growth prospects which will assist the human in many ways, the market for this technology is going to reach a staggering 3 billion dollars by 2023 in territory of United states alone, the north American market holds the highest percentage of Human Augmentation market as of now, but Asia-Pacific is fastest growing market for this technology.

The world best players and brands have step on the gas by allocating staggering budgets for research and development of Human Augmentation. Players like B-Temia Inc. Braingate company and Ekso bionics holdings are major brands that are exploring the technology further in north American territory. While in Asia-Pacific players like Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Toyota motor Corp are leading investors in research and development for Human Augmentation technology.

Drawbacks of Human Augmentation

Human Augmentation has vast benefits to explore, this technology has already been rapidly exploited by some major players across the globe. But there are some social and ethical issues that are hampering its growth, another drawback is its high cost of implants, there is also severe shortage of skilled work force that is related to the technology. These are few drawbacks which are hampering the growth of Human Augmentation technology. Although this  technology promises to enhance the quality of human life by innovative products and devices, therefore it should not get slowed down in its growth in near future.

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