What are Autonomous cars?

An Autonomous vehicle or car is one which controls the entire operations of running on its own without any human intervention. Autonomous cars are designed to drive on their own, no human involvement is required during the operations at any point of time. Autonomous cars are almost similar to that of traditional cars, can go anywhere, just without a driver.

However the Autonomous cars are categorized in six different ranges, level 0 defines fully manual driving, while the level 6 is fully automated. In some pretext, an Autonomous car is synonymously described as ‘self driving car’, although these self driving cars are categorized by levels. A level 3 self driving car requires a human driver to take control in some unforeseen situations, while level 5 self driving cars isn’t dependent on humans, they go everywhere without human help.

How does the Autonomous cars work

Autonomous cars runs on complex applications which includes sensors, machine learning systems, powerful processors, and high-end software technologies. Sensors are placed in different parts of the vehicle to help it reading and maintaining the geographical map of the area. Radar sensing monitors and video cameras assist in reading the traffic lights and other road signs, sensing pedestrians and parking lots respectively. Innovative concept of Lidar (light detection and ranging) will assist the vehicles to detect road edges, lanes and measuring the travelling distance.

Ultrasonic sensors placed in the tires detects the obstacles and other vehicles during the travelling. Software helps in inputting all these information to the vehicle thus instructing the actuators to control the brakes, accelerator, and steering to control the running of the vehicle.

Drawbacks of Autonomous cars

In spite of high end sophisticated technologies in Autonomous cars, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the feasibility of this technology. The level 5 Autonomous cars are yet to be rolled out for general public, its still under testing mode, it is presumed that it may take several years for full Autonomous cars to run on the roads freely. Lidar are very expensive sensors, most importantly there frequencies may collide when multiple Lidar enabled cars on the road.