State code and TIN number List

TIN number and State codes for states and union territories
Below is the list of the states code and GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) for your reference.

Serial No. State Name TIN State Code
1 Andhra Pradesh 37AAACY2068D1ZF AD
2 Arunachal Pradesh 12AAACY2068D1ZR AR
3 Assam 18AAACY2068D1ZF AS
4 Bihar 10AAACY2068D1ZV BR
5 Chattisgarh 22AAACY2068D1ZQ CG
6 Delhi 07AAACY2068D1ZI DL
7 Goa 30AAACY2068D1ZT GA
8 Gujarat 24AAACY2068D1ZM GJ
9 Haryana 06AAACY2068D1ZK HR
10 Himachal Pradesh 02AAACY2068D1ZS HP
11 Jammu and Kashmir 01AAACY2068D1ZU JK
12 Jharkhand 20AAACY2068D1ZU JH
13 Karnataka 29AAACY2068D1ZC KA
14 Kerala 32AAACY2068D1ZP KL
15 Lakshadweep Islands 31AAACY2068D1ZR LD
16 Madhya Pradesh 23AAACY2068D1ZO MP
17 Maharashtra 27AAACY2068D1ZG MH
18 Manipur 14AAACY2068D1ZN MN
19 Meghalaya 17AAACY2068D1ZH ML
20 Mizoram 15AAACY2068D1ZL MZ
21 Nagaland 13AAACY2068D1ZP NL
22 Odisha 21AAACY2068D1ZS OD
23 Pondicherry 34AAACY2068D1ZL PY
24 Punjab 03AAACY2068D1ZQ PB
25 Rajasthan 08AAACY2068D1ZG RJ
26 Sikkim 11AAACY2068D1ZT SK
27 Tamil Nadu 33AAACY2068D1ZN TN
28 Telangana 36AAACY2068D1ZH TS
29 Tripura 16AAACY2068D1ZJ TR
30 Uttar Pradesh 09AAACY2068D1ZE UP
31 Uttarakhand 05AAACY2068D1ZM UK
32 West Bengal 19AAACY2068D1ZD WB
Serial No. Union Territory TIN State Code
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35AAACY2068D1ZJ AN
2 Chandigarh 04AAACY2068D1ZO CH
3 Dadra and Nagar Haveli 26AAACY2068D1ZI DN
4 Daman and Diu 25AAACY2068D1ZK DD
5 Other Territory 97 OT