Textile Inspection Services  

Textile Inspection Services


The textile and apparel supply chain often puts retailers and brands thousands of miles away from their production sites, making inspection an important part of the manufacturing process to assure quality. From raw materials to finished goods, Intertek’s textile and apparel inspection services can identify defects and non-compliance during different stages of the production process.

CDG Inspection offers Pre-production, During Production Inspection or Garment Inline Inspection services, and Before Delivery Inspection to assess textile and apparel products pre-shipment in order to evaluate your products both pre-, during and post-production.

Pre-production Inspection:

  • Incoming quality control
  • Raw materials check

During Production Inspection:

  • Sampling of finished products
  • Identify problems found in the inspection report
  • Acknowledgement by factory of inspection findings

Garment Inline Inspection:

  • Sampling of both semi-finished and finished products to assure the quality of the entire production batch
  • Works with the factory on developing and implementing corrective action plans based on inspection findings
  • Provides housekeeping, social compliance and safety visual checks

Before delivery:

  • Final random inspection
  • 100% inspection of all finished goods
  • Loading supervision