URINE-CARE™ is a blend of botanical extracts and a food supplement that contains a unique composition of ingredients, which has reported beneficial impact. It can contribute to strengthening the bladder and the Kidneys organs (lower limbs) and helps patients with: urinary tract infections (UTI), bladder kidneys disorders, kidney stones, cystitis, hematuria, recurrent infection, blood urine, Herpes, Syphilis, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and many other UTI’s symptoms and venereal diseases! Patients from Israel and around the world who have used the URINE-CARE™ food supplements have reported a decrease in the seasonal infections and complete recovery from any illness they have carried. The URINE-CARE™ food supplements are free of side effects and has no interaction with any conventional medication that have been used. This is of course benefit a tremendous achievement and a huge medical potential.

The URINE-CARE™ Herbal Products Key Factors Are:

a. A Powerful Anti-Viral (Anti Bacterial) Reinforcements
b. Unique Immune System Boosters and Assistants (Agents)
c. High Blood Cell (Red & White) Renewal Rates Accelerators

The URINE-CARE™ herbal remedies are natural treatments that used a modified target molecules agents to kill cancer, tumors and infected human cells – and boost your immune response against any disease or infection. OUR Anti-viral dietary supplements are non-prescription medicines (may come in a form of: pills, liquid, an inhaled powder, or an intravenous solution) that fight against the spreading of critical viruses, infections and bacteria in your body. The URINE-CARE™ Immune system boosters includes unique components, and botanical plants portions to help you maintain a healthy immune system, that benefits your body and boosts your defenses against viruses and diseases.

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Best Regards,
Solomon Jacob
(Herbalist & Ayurveda Expert)


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