Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety audit is a systematic and independent evaluation of the fire risks present in the premises and involve recommendations about appropriate measures to control and mitigate the effects of fires. Applicable Standards:National Building Code 2005,IS Standards in Fire Safety

Organizations applicable for Fire Safety Audit:

  • Industry bodies
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Corporate Houses.

Methodology Adopted:

Methodology of conducting the Fire Safety Audits involves the following:

  • A walkthrough the concerned premises.
  • Review of the layout and drawings.
  • Review of the existing firefighting systems in the premises.
  • Review of the training and awareness regarding availability and operations of the firefighting systems in and across the organization.


Recommendations for corrective and preventive actions include:

  • Updation of the fire safety risk management data base
  • Preparation of additional reports or relevant paperwork on the hazards detected

Benefits of the Audit:

Fire Safety audits enable the organizations to address the issues by identifying the following:

  • Identifying all significant fire hazards.
  • Evaluation of the existing control measures.
  • Determining the additional control measures required.
  • Evaluation of the current fire detection and firefighting facilities.
  • Testing of all fire safety equipment and precautions.
  • Training and instruction to all occupants of premises about fire safety.