BIFMA Certification

BIFMA Certification


What does BIFMA mean?

BIFMA, or the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association, is a non-profit organization that was formed with the purpose of creating voluntary standards that would promote safe working environments.

What is BIFMA Testing?

The ANSI/BIFMA Tests. ANSI/BIFMA put in place common standards for furniture products meant for use in a commercial office environment. Testing facilities that adhere to BIFMA protocols test office furniture durability, structural performance, and safety.

Why Should I Care about ANSI/BIFMA Testing?

When a buyer purchase a piece of office furniture that has received a ANSI/BIFMA rating, hw knows that you are investing in a safe and sustainable product that meets strict standards for performance.

How Does a Product Receive a ANSI/BIFMA Rating?

In order to for a piece of office or commercial furniture to receive a ANSI and BIFMA rating, it is put through a rigorous set of tests that have been specially designed and developed by experts. These tests are meant to measure safety, performance and sustainability.



BIFMA testing is an valuable marketing tool that reassures buyers of a company’s credibility while serving as a key differentiator . BIFMA standards provides you enhanced brand protection with reduced risk & also increases customer confidence & satisfaction Get your furniture tested by an accredited BIFMA test lab.