Learning something new during Lockdown

Lockdown is going on and on in India. So it better to make utilize of this time for
yourself, in learning new things and upgrade your skills. And the important thing
is to be safe at home.

How to utilize time by learning something new during Lockdown?
People nowadays are hearing a thing everywhere so-called “Work from Home”
and for these, you should have some skills, if not then start learning new things
through several courses and upgrade your skills.

Teachers and Students during the lockdown
Somehow it is a new experience for many teachers and students. It helps to
concentrate and learn in a better way for students because they are learning in
their comfort zones such as lying on the bed with their smart devices like mobile
phones and laptops.
It is very essential to have reliable internet access so that you can learn new
things without any interruptions. But before you start.
You should:-

  • Have a dedicated space to study your courses comfortably.
  • Defining your goals of learning and its achievements.
  • Schedule your study plan.
  • Take short breaks during studying to make yourself fresh.

5 Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

1. Learning from YouTube
All of us are aware of YouTube. YouTube is a vast treasure of knowledge. YouTube
is a great entertainment platform and learning tool as well.
Anyone can create their channel, share their videos, and comment on others. You
can facilitate learning videos and make learning interesting.
Several tutorials let you learn how to design, art, cooking, dressing, painting,
dance, photography, new languages, code, manage money, play guitar, etc.
And the main thing is it’s free to use.

2. Learning Online Courses
Apart from YouTube one of the best things which makes Online Courses better is
that they provide free and paid courses with certificates by qualified instructors.
Here the instructors who teach the course are qualified from higher foreign
universities. Which even makes it best and quality rich.
If paid things make a barrier to your learning then there are several offers and
discounts on online courses.

3. Doing Projects
We often communicate with our friends and nearer relatives, I call it something
like “chatting”.
If you have a skill and knowledge to share then I have an idea.
Invite your friends to contribute their knowledge and learn new things from one
another. Make group projects by taking some tasks like teaching something,
building any website, making group discussions, talking about your day, etc.
Such task-based learning will inspire you and your friends and help them with
their studies.
It helps learners to create their resources and share. This will strengthen their
mutual understanding and help for problem-solving.
Also, it takes care of how to tackle any situation, which students perform well in
live environments and give them work on those skills and behaviors.

4. Learning at Home
If you are a part of the home and their works like helping our mom to clean the
house, going out to buy vegetables and groceries, help in the kitchen to learn
cooking food, etc. makes you connect outside of the world and air of the
You should start experiments with your mom in cooking different dishes like Thai,
Japanese, Italian, Continental, Spanish, etc. out of world cooking and testing
different things with your talent. Then at a time, you will become an expert in
Being at home we tend to think that we should get up later and have our meals at
any of the suitable times of the day. This does not work well because you have to
achieve your goals and for this, your body and mind require energy and suitable
rest to get started.

5. Do something for Yourself
Having no work to do makes one lazy at a time, and during the lockdown, no one
is allowed to contact each other, due to which playing outdoor games such as
cricket, football, badminton, etc. also bans like banned apps.
I must say that I do not like to play sports at home with a season cricket kit
however the idea is not to sit or sleep all day and spent time in front of our
mobile or laptop.