David Wasitowski Chief Operations Officer in Unioncaptialgroup

Every successful company runs on certain ethics and masterminds behind it. In the world of financial management and operations, David Wasitowski also marked his name as one of the finest financial experts.

He has proved himself working with some of the most renowned companies. With his vast experience in the field, he has worked with many financial firms and showed his worth through his expertise and knowledge. After completing his education from Rutgers University BS, Finance in 1988, he never looked back. Today, he is a proud Chief Operations Officer in unioncaptialgroup.com 

David Wasitowski – His Career

Speaking about the career of the Financial expert David Wasitowski, his journey started in December 1988 as a Senior Auditor in the Bank of New York. He worked there for 4 years 9 months. After this job, he got an opportunity as a Treasury Department, Refco. With his hard work and dedication, David served the company for 6 years and 5 months. 

After Refco, David got several ,as Chief Financial officer, Business Unit Controller. In 2002, his career took a new turn when he joined Pali Capital Inc. as an Executive Management. David was always appreciated for his work and also has motivated his co-workers. His helpful nature makes him everyone’s favorite in the organization. After working in Pali Capital for six long years, David Wasitowski joined Forefront Capital Advisors LLC and Union Capital Group (USA) unioncaptialgroup.com as Chief Operations Officer. Although he has been working in Forefront Capital Advisors LLC for the last  11 years and 10 months and joined Union Capital Group for the last 4 years and 7 months. 

David Wasitowski – His Expertise

David has more than 25 years of experience in financial management and operations. As a Chief Operations Officer, he brings his expertise in  Union Capital Group (USA) unioncaptialgroup.com. In the company he manages the compliance and financial aspects of the business. It includes financial, regulatory compliance, performance monitoring, and accounting. Besides this, he also coordinates with the Investment Advisory and the Executive Management teams. Before joining Union Capital Group (USA), he also held positions as the Senior Auditor (mentioned above). 

In a nutshell, David’s experience has made him one of the finest financial management and operations experts in LLC. He has received appreciation from the people he is working with and his clients. If you want to know more about him or looking to acquire his services, visit him at unioncaptialgroup.com.